If you are not in the Durban area goods will have to be freighted to you. The company we use is STAR EXPRESS. We have used many freight companies over the years, but we have found SE to be the best option. They have distribution centres in Durban, East London, JHB, and Cape Town. They understand the kind of products we are selling and their breakages have never become a problem. They are a C.O.D company and thus have no affiliation to Pennylane. Once your goods have been paid for and proof of payment faxed through to us, we will pack your goods and hand it over to STAR EXPRESS. They will then measure/weigh the package and inform the receiver of the price, before the items are shipped. SE is a very competitive company, so feel free to question their prices. If you use your own freight company, please specify before we send you a proforma invoice, as we will not include the insurance charge. If you use another freight company, we will not be liable for any damages incurred whilst in transit.

All of our products are imported, either from the Far East, India, or Europe. Once our orders have been placed, shipping can take up to 3 months. Weather conditions, port problems, customs are a few of the many problems that make shipping very unpredictable. As our stock comes from so many suppliers, each one shipping from a different port, all our goods will not arrive at the same time. We do send out proformas when the majority of the stock has comes in. But if you are waiting for certain items to arrive, it is in your best interest to receive part of your stock into your store as soon as possible, because you may be waiting for an unknown period, and losing valuable sales. Even when ships have docked in Durban there still can be a 2 week delay.

If you will be using STAR EXPRESS, all our invoices will have an insurance fee added. This fee does not cover the cost of freight. If an item breaks whilst in transit, please inform us immediately, and we will send another item to you free of charge. We might request photos or the damaged goods returned. If you are in the Gauteng region, you may drop it off at our showroom.